5 Factors of Argan Oil You Want to Know

Argan Nut1. Environmental Factors: Argan Oil is extracted from the nuts harvested from argan trees — is one of the rarest trees in the world and is only found in Morocco. Argan oil with its growing popularity and production has helped to protect argan trees from being cut down. In 2009, a program to push reforestation of argan trees was launched. With its successful operation, over 4,300 argan trees were planted in Meskala.

2. Social Improvement Factors: Argan oil production supports the livelihood of over 2 million people in Morocco. It’s mostly produced by women’s co-operatives, one of which is UCFA, the largest union of argan oil co-operatives in Morocco.  Besides raising the general standard of living, the women who earn income by producing argan oil now have access to higher education both for themselves and for their children.  The steady income greatly raised their social status in a traditionally male-dominated society.

3. Multiple Benefit Factors: Argan oil is also known as “Liquid Gold” for its numerous benefits.  Super rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil retains moisture in skin tissue to repair dry, damaged skin while enhancing youthful appearance.  Moroccan women have been using argan oil for centuries to keep their skin from aging.  It even helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and aids in regaining skin elasticity.  When used on hair, the argan oil treats split ends while generating sheen.

4. Medical Usage Factors:  The medical applications are varied and new beneficial uses are being discovered every day.  Currently, Argan oil is known to augment the treatment of many forms of acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and even rheumatism.

5. An Alternative to Modern Cosmetics: This is not just another “beauty product”.  Argan oil IS completely organic and the natural and universal panacea for “life” as we’ve come to know it.  Our product – unlike almost every other cosmetic preparation – contains no parabans, alcohol, additives or other chemicals.  The physical impacts of the environment, diet and personal lifestyles are brought to light daily.  Achieving a healthy appearance is the natural outcome of adequate rest, proper hydration, eating a balanced, nutritious diet, getting enough exercise and avoiding the kinds of physical, emotional and mental stresses of today’s world.  In a natural form, Argan oil mitigates, if not totally eliminating, all these circumstances, producing actually healthy skin and hair with regular usage.

By Sadao Sasaki: Idris Ibn



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