Top 5 Reasons Travelers Love Argan Oil

Skin Care Tips for Travelers

Skin Care Tips for Travelers

Travelling is hard. For many of us it’s quite fun but, while plane hopping and train cars might be enjoyable, not taking the right steps to protect your skin may lead to discomfort, like cracked lips, and embarrassment. After all, who wants to come back with pictures of dry, scaly skin all over?

Fortunately there’s a way to help out your skin while you are away from home.  A small easy-to-carry 1 oz bottle of argan oil prevents and solves all common skin problems among travelers.

How Climate Change Can Affect Your Skin

Something as simple as a business trip to a different climate can wreak havoc on your skin. As your skin tries to adjust to these changes, it can become dry and irritated, or more oily and you may notice acne cropping up. This is very normal because suddenly, your skin is thrown into a new environment and has to regulate and adjust to the new climate.

When you simply travel outside of your state, the weather and temperature change and your skin can be sensitive to the climate difference, causing dry lips and itchy skin conditions.

Most chemical-based moisturizers have alcohol and other ingredients your skin is not fond of. That’s why you want to choose an organic product such as argan oil.

Rich in vitamin E, argan oil helps replenish your skin and helps your largest, most beautiful organ look its best the most natural way.

The Impact Air Has On Your Skin

We all know that the air we breathe is important to our health, which is why we don’t go around breathing in exhaust fumes if we can help it. But, did you know that air quality affects your skin too? It’s true; we do the best we can to clean our skin but dirt, dust, pollen and air pollutants can cause buildups that lead to breakouts as well as cause an overall dull complexion.

Bad air quality can even affect your skin cells and contribute to premature aging. Argan oil, in addition to vitamin E, is loaded with antioxidants. Just like when we ingest them, antioxidants help clean our skin of the toxic things it comes in contact with every day.

Tap Water and How It Dries You Out

While our bodies do better when we’re slightly more alkaline, i.e. or pH is higher, our skin is somewhat acidic—it has a lower pH. Unfortunately hard water isn’t always gentle when it comes to skincare as the minerals and additives put in tap water can sometimes interfere with how clean we actually are.

Because of the chemical makeup of many soaps and the composition of hard water, a film is often left on our skin when we bathe. This film, along with all the punishment we put our bodies through, contributes to dryness.

While it may be difficult to combat things that dry out our skin, there is a solution. Agran oil is full of vitamins that help your skin recover and stay healthy. And, healthy skin is beautiful, smooth skin.

Sun Bathing? Don’t Forget Argan Oil

This day and age, we all know that too much sun is bad, but not getting enough isn’t good either. And honestly, who doesn’t want a little sun-kissed tan? Sunscreen isn’t enough to protect your skin from the harsh UV radiation that causes unsightly and dangerous skin diseases or the wrinkles we all strive to hide.

While nothing beats knowing when to cover up and go inside, carotenoids help protect your skin and are one of the many benefits of argan oil. This makes argan oil a great addition to your pre-beach routine!

Why Argan Oil Is Good When You’ve Had A Drink Or Two

Everyone knows that moisturizing is good for our skin. Unfortunately, a night out of drinking with your best mates or your girlfriends isn’t doing our skin—or our body—any favors.

Too much alcohol blocks a vasopressin, a hormone that functions as an anti-diuretic. When this happens water goes to our bladder, not to our organs. This is why people often feel dehydrated after a night of drinking and frequent visits to the bathroom. This has the same affect on your skin, which leads to unslightly long term damage like wrinkles.

Argan oil helps to restore moisture to your skin and replenish it with important vitamins and fatty acids that alcohol robs you of. It’s also important to choose the right one when it comes to argan oil products. Not all of them are created equally!

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